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P h o t o F u n c t i o n 

The Scalable Function Graphic Converter


PhotoFunction is a free, prototype piece of software that uses a machine learning algorithm to develop complex mathematical functions that define given images. These mathematical functions can then be used to scale the corresponding images up dramatically, without blurring or loss of quality.


  • To use this software first download the '.zip' file to the right.

  • Once it has downloaded, right click on the file and select 'Extract'. This will unpack the zip file into a folder called 'PhotoFunction'.

  • Double clicking on either the 'PhotoFunction.exe' or 'PhotoFunction.jar' file inside this folder will launch the PhotoFunction program. Full instructions for use are contained, along with active prompts to make things easier.


Bear in mind that PhotoFunction is a prototype, intended to demo an image conversion and rendering technology. As such the program has a minimal user interface, with the vast majority of time having gone into the development of  Scalable Function Graphics along with the PhotoFunction learning algorithm.



Do not store the the 'PhotoFunction' folder in a UAC protected directory, such as 'C:\Program Files\...'.  Typical security settings will prevent PhotoFunction from being able to save and render SFG files within this directory.


Additionally do not move or rename any of the folders contained within the 'PhotoFunction' folder.

Note: PhotoFunction requires Java. The '.jar' file will launch in any operating systems with an installed JRE.

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