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Trivariate Function Graphics

(Please first read Scalable Function Graphics and Extrapolatable Function Graphics)


Out of curiousity I decided to create an extrapolatable function graphic with three input variables, this time including time as well as the two x and y dimensions. The trivariate mathematical functions below have been modelled on 14 and 15 frames of two different videos. These frames were spaced one second apart. However using the function graphic's capacity for interpolation and extrapolation, 520 and 600 frame videos have been reconstructed. Unfortunately the extrapolation is rather messy, but visually interesting. Far better interpolation results (along with a clear image with no distortions) could be achieved using the tiling technique touched upon in the Scalable Function Graphics project. This might be explored in the future, after further development of the scalable function graphic conversion process for photographic images.



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