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My First Blog Post

So it's been about 8 Months since I graduated from Bristol with an MSc in Computer Science, with distinction! 😅, and I've been wanting to get around to starting a blog for a while now; one that focuses on the endless persuit of becoming a better developer, discussing tools, languages and frameworks, challenges and solutions that I encounter along the way.

Since graduating I've been working as a developer at a bespoke software development company called Concept First, in Exeter. Already I've had the fortune of being able to work on a range of different projects alongside a team of talented developers, and to learn a huge amount.

Recently I was asked to review the TypeScript language, as a possible JavaScript replacement for front-end development. I encountered a range of interesting issues relating to setup and unanticipated runtime behaviour, and decided to turn my write-up into a blog post (which will shortly follow this brief introduction).

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